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1. Extracting and Sharing Resources of Tourism in Community:Connecting Information between Archives and GIS..
2. "Transparency, Totality in Modern Organizations and the Society".
3. Electronic Finding Aids based on Encoded Archival Description for Fusion Science Archival Database.
4. Information Literacy Seen from "Amusingness".
5. Transformation of Knowledge under the circumstances of "Informationalism".
6. "Archives and reflexivity in the modern society".
7. Study of an Archives from the Viewpoint of Sociology.
8. Archives and Reflexivity in Society.
9. Sharing Catalog Information of Archives of Inter-University Research Institutes.
10. Text Media as Core for Information Assurerance.
11. Construction of electronic finding aids for Fusion Science Archives Database.
12. Oral History and Sociology.
13. Problems around Practice of Organizational Oral History.
14. Interface between Human and Archives.
15. Status Quo of our Project and Contents of this Workshop.
16. Describing Information Society.
17. Nuclear Fusion Archives in Universities.
18. Thought of Richard Stallman and Hacker Ethics.
19. Best Practices and Goals? technologies for interviews.
20. Status Quo of Information Sharing Project on Archives.
21. Presenting Information from Nuclear Fusion Archives.
22. Building Digital Finding Aids about Inter-University Research Institute.
23. Establishing Sokendai Archives Including Oral History.
24. History and Archives of Inter-University Research Institute.
25. New Aspect of Qualitative Methods.
26. Inprication of Database in Society.
27. Realizing Cross website searching.
28. Anonymity in Sharing Information with Unspecified Number of Public through Computer Network.
29. Sociological Study on Regulation for Computer Network.
30. Methodological Consideration on Social Research by Qualitative Approach.

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