Naoki DN ABE(written in English)


Name: ABE DN Naoki(Ph.D)

Research Field in General: Social Infomatics, Sociology

Major: Sociology of information, Media Studies, Area Studies

Affiliation: Tenured Associate Professor, Departments of Information and Communication at Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Ohita, Japan

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Recent Research Theme

(1)Social Effect of Information Flow/Preservation/Control

  --Research on Information Media(Community on Internet, Record keeping, Mass Communication)
  --Related Social Survey, with Research about Social Theory/Thought in Europe(Giddens A., Luhman N. etc.)

(2)Support Organization by using Information Technology

  --Automatizing Works, and Strategy Formulation
  --Sharing Information( incl. Practice of Oral History or Archiving)

and Investigating Policy Trend in Academic and Science Field.

Research Interest

  1. "Social Effect by Information Media" keyword : Community on Internet, Mass Communication, Archives (from April 2000--)
  2. "Social Research about Information Assurerance", 2006−2008 [Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT)]
  3. "Social Theory and Social Thought, Especially around Transformation of Knowledge in Information Society" keyword : A. Giddens, N. Luhman (from April 2000--)


List of My Works(not complete)

Classes in fiscal year 2012

The First Semester

Mon.Freshmen's SeminarGraduates's SeminarGraduates's Seminar
Tue.Special Lecture of Regional Society IIntroduction of Sociology
Wed.Method of Social ResearchSeminar as People in the Working World
Thur.Lecture for Regional PromotionStudy for Business Fields(omnibus)
Fri.Japanese Writings

Office Hour
Mon. 2nd Session (10:40〜12:10)
Thur. Lunch Hour(12:10〜13:00)

The Second Semester

Mon.Study for Contemporary LifestyleGraduates's SeminarGraduates's Seminar
Tue.Special Lecture of Regional Society II
Wed.Method of Social ResearchFreshmen's Advanced SeminarSeminar as People in the Working World II
Thur.Information Society
Fri.Contemporary Social Theory

Office Hour
Mon. Lunch Hour(12:10〜13:00)
Wed. 4th Session(14:40〜16:10)

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Except schedules up above, Service Learning at Saturday and Sunday

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